"Sustainable Harz University"










We were recognized for our commitment and 100% use of recycled paper!

Senate Commission
"Sustainable Harz University" since 2019

As a university, we not only want to talk and teach about sustainability, but we also want to put our teaching into practice and live up to our role model function to the highest degree. Therefore, we have committed ourselves in our mission statement to support sustainable development activities.

In order to advance the sustainable development of the Harz University of Applied Sciences, the Senate Commission "Sustainable Harz University of Applied Sciences" was established in 2019, which emerged from the AG "Sustainable University of Applied Sciences" that has existed since 2009. The tasks of the commission have not changed, but the commitment and commitment to sustainability on the part of the university should be strengthened.

Our tasks and goals:

1. Continuation of the environmental management system (EMS) of the Harz University of Applied Sciences
2. Initiation, support and monitoring of concrete projects with sustainability or environmental relevance at the Harz University of Applied Sciences
3. Increasing the sustainability and environmental reference in teaching and research
4. Interdisciplinary cooperation between many areas of the universit