Building Dpt. of Public Management

Faculty of Administrative Sciences

The founding of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at University of Applied Sciences Harz in October 1998 established a Teaching and Research Centre for the public sector in Halberstadt, which is unique in the whole of Germany. When teaching began in the 1998/1999 winter semester, Saxony-Anhalt was the first federal state to provide training for a career in the upper grade of the civil service in a separate faculty at a general university. Since then the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is also a well-known place for many conferences and lectures hold by nonlocal experts. It offers now five degree programmes, which meet a broad range of present and future requirements for modern and citizen-friendly administration:

Bachelor's Degree Programme

The three degree programmes mentioned were converted to the Bachelor`s model on the occasion of the 10th birthday of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, i.e. for winter semester 2008/2009. The Bachelor´s degrees are seven-semester programmes and include a major practical component of at least nine months' duration.

In addition to the Bachelor´s degree, both "Public Administration" and "Administrative Economics" degree programmes provide a qualification for entry into the upper grade of the civil service.


Since winter semester 2010/2011 the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is offering an extra-occupational master's degree programme:


In 2013 all degree programmes have been reaccredited.